The DW32 – The Refresh for 2018

It seems before any round of competitive motorsport there is always an ever expanding list of jobs to do with an ever decreasing amount of time to do them in.

The Driftworks R32 is no exemption.

Rich and myself were tasked with heading to see Martin Richards to get the new 2018 DW Livery on the car ahead of BDC RD.1 at Rockingham. By the time we arrived at Richards Racing the team were in full swing, having only just finished the respray in the little hours of the morning before.

The workshop strangely reminded me of a japanese garage in that there were parts everywhere but everything in the correct place it needed to be.

The car had at least four pairs of hands on it at all times, finishing little jobs here and there. It is impressive how little jobs like fitting wipers are always the last pieces of a massive jigsaw to get done. What is more impressive is that everyone knows these little jobs have to be done, so everyone gets on with it. No egos, no anger and any frustrations met with a joke and a laugh.

This year martin has a new visual design reminiscent of the classic DW design along with new 3 piece Meister S1’s.

In regards to the running of the car, Martin and the team have been fine tuning elements. Aiming for reliability and trying to future proof the car for as much as possible. Less time sat at the side of the track fixing things, the more time spent winning.

It wouldn’t be the only competitor we would see pre BDC however as Matt Denham would appear to collect some spares. Met with cries of “Keep the enemy out!” every trip back and forth between the workshop and his trailer.


While everything was moving along with the build, Rich managed to steal Martin away to get some footage. Keep an eye out for the video on the Driftworks Youtube.

The Car very quickly came together. Perspex windows went in, rear quarters went on, arches attached and wheels put on. The Work Meister S1’s absolutely change the look of the car. While this is a very competitive car and that in most cases would involve style going completely out the window, Martin has definitely kept style in mind. We all know the look of a car using wisefab these days, there are too many memes to quote. Martin has managed to keep it performing as good as it looks. This in my opinion is what sets the Driftworks cars apart from many other comp cars (Regardless of the series.)

While this was the first car to receive the 2018 Livery, we couldn’t have asked for a better looking base.

I cant help but mention i am personally really excited to see photos from RD.1 and see how good this car looks driving as it should.


Best of luck with the season Martin!

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5 years ago

What a transformation dudes.

4 years ago

What over fender kit is that?

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