Where do I begin with the BDC?

Before i start, this wont be a blog detailing the full events of RD.1

There are plenty of those available online and i don’t see the need to add another to the pile.

Before i moved to start working at Driftworks i assumed i would end up at a couple of rounds of the BDC with work. Never did i think i would end up at Round 1, buzzing a day after the dust had settled.

I have always been more attracted to the events like Finalboss, STL and in previous years Driftcup. Normally i would rather go to a practice day to watch my friends. I like the days where there isn’t a strict schedule and you can take it at your leisure. So in theory the very “American” way of doing things at BDC (The music, the mass of smoke, the spectacle) should be my idea of a bad day out.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Granted i’m in a position where i know a few of the team to speak to and they have been very welcoming, i jumped at Rich’s offer to tag along in the S15 to head up to Rockingham. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but i figured it would be worth finding out and if it was rubbish i just would be more reserved at attending in the future.

We arrived at 8am for Rich to get his media briefing, so while he did that i grabbed a coffee and took a chance to move his car into more visually appealing position. ( You dont bring a bright yellow stance chariot for subtlety. )

Before too long the Pro class practice started, i took the opportunity to see if i could find some interesting cars and a good space to take photos from. Given that the Rockingham round takes place in a squared off car park the options were limited but i managed to take some photo’s im happy with. Im always impressed to watch Richard Grindrod drive as it seems effortless from the outside, but maybe thats what separates the Pro class drivers from the others.

I found myself being very selective with the cars that i photographed as a lot of the grid does nothing for me, I found some gem’s though.

Peter Hayden’s C32 Laurel was something i didn’t expect to see on the grid. While i would never fit a V8 to something like this, i will also never take part in competitive drifting. I get why the car has the engine, it makes perfect sense.

Martin Wonnacott’s JZX100 was a car i was very interested in seeing in person, JZX100’s are right in my wheelhouse. Big japanese sedans are my preferred chassis so to see one competing let alone this stylish was great!

Im going to skip ahead to the top 8 as this is where things started to get exciting for me, i started to pay attention to the battles. Seeing the DW32 in its new livery knocking out other cars felt great to watch and before i knew it i was fully invested. Running back and forth with the team i really felt the spirit build as Martin managed to push the car further. No weird tactic’s, no little tricks. Just great driving.

I ran to the starting point to get photo’s of Martin warming the tires up and this is where your view of the track is most limited. between runs i could get photos of the staging but when he was actually on track you could barely see and not hear the commentary so the tension really built. I can only imagine what it must feel like in the car. One by one he would go out and come back the winner.

Ultimately Martin would be bested by Duane McKeever, with an incredible chase run. Despite this i was over the moon with how Team Driftworks did. With Martin taking 2nd and Richard taking 6th respectively, putting the team in 2nd to Japspeed with a 13 point difference (With one less driver)

Look, at the start of writing this i was talking about not being interested in the spectacle of BDC and here i am now speculating about constructor points and alluding to being a part of the team like i helped at all. Its strange what surrounding yourself with good people will do.

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renato chagas
renato chagas
3 years ago

I wish I had gone to this event. Unfortunately it did not

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