Building a Skyline

The Driftworks team isn’t like most you find in competitive drifting, we are very much a group of friends that drift. While it might seem like a cliché, a big part of being asked to drive for us is your attitude and who you are as a person. There isn’t an “Application Process” as such, it just has to be right. Few meet the criteria more than Tessa Whittock. While she has been carving out her own success in King Of Europe / Queen of Europe, we couldn’t have asked for someone better to represent us at home and abroad.



While Martin and Tessa have been hidden away getting the R33 ready for the upcoming round of KOE/QOE in Castalletto, Italy they managed to give themselves a break on the Friday night to join us after work for some food. After a Saturday food coma, they were back at Driftworks on Sunday bright and early to get the car’s new 2018 DW33 Livery applied.

Much like when we last met up with Martin and Tessa to apply Livery to a Nissan, they had been up until the small hours of the morning before travelling to us too. You couldn’t tell they were running on fumes if they hadn’t told you as Tessa gushes positivity regardless of the situation. With all the teething problems of the new livery leaned out and all the shortcuts fresh from doing the DW32 we were ready to go.

Before we knew it, the car looked the part.

The car now has Work Wheels S1’s all round, which changes the look of the car massively. I don’t think people realise how important wheels actually are to the look of a car. Even in competition cars this is something most of the grid forget. It’s more than just see how many spacers you can stack.


We quickly rolled the car outside for the obligatory burnout and some video for YouTube. Our neighbours are cool with it. ( It’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission…)

Congratulations Tessa and welcome to the team, Good luck in Europe and we’ll see you at some BDC rounds!


You can check out the video here! –

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