E36 MonoPro True Rear Coilovers – Back in Stock!


For the HSD E36 Monopro kit we offer a true rear conversion at an additional cost, moving the spring from the rear trailing arm mounting to surround the rear damper unit. Due to the wider position of the spring in relation to the suspension arms, the true rear setup uses a softer rear default spring than the inboard version. This upgrade allows a wider range of spring options as well as allowing an aftermarket rear trailing arm without support for the inboard setup.

Spring rates:¬†Default recommended spring rates for the true rear kit are¬†Front:7kg with helper springs, Rear:7kg. Perfect for most customers looking for a balance of performance & comfort. We offer a ‘Track Pack’ spring upgrade at 10kg/9kg front and rear, more suited for grippier tyres and a track focused car. Please let us know if you need any advice!

The true rear setup uses the offset compact brackets and orange CS2 rear springs to increase rear clearance.

Please note, when running a true rear coilover you must ensure that the rear strut mounting has additional reinforcement. As standard this area of the car is not built to withstand the full weight of the car.


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amine mahi
amine mahi
3 years ago

Hello I would like to ordered for E36 compact HSD coilovers with true rear coilovers to mount them on BMW E30 drift equiped with CLM lock Kit and engine M50 Turbo that comes out about 500hp, the car is emptied is intended only for the competition, what Spring configuration you advised me

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