Full Build – Driftworks E30 M3 S65 DCT Track Project

I’ve owned my E30M3 project for three years at the time of writing this. It’s all to often been pushed to the side as my competition car needs work, but this year I’m absolutely adamant it’s getting done!

I bought the car as a very unfinished project. It came with a large transmission tunnel and S65 V8 and manual gearbox, and a lot of green….

The story is best explained through our YouTube series.

Part 1
Phil has a new project car! (Well, 2 years on a shelf)… A genuine E30 M3 track build – and it has an S65 V8 out of an E90 M3. It’s going to be a lot of work on this over the next few months, so remember to like a subscribe for more updates. Any questions? Any hate? Fire it in the comments.

Part 2
The Driftworks E30M3 is back from the bodyshop and it looks awesome! The original plan was to paint it black. We kind of went in a ‘slightly’ different direction! Riviera Blue!

Part 3
The big rebuild on the Driftworks E30 M3 starts now! back from the bodyshop Phil has stripped down the panels and now Dyno Torque has the pleasure of putting it all back together.

Part 4
The next task on our E30M3 Track project is to make some base settings on the HSD Coilover suspension. Ensuring the wheels have enough clearance in the arch when the car is under full compression and making sure the damper has enough travel.

Part 5
In this one we continue with the fuel system, cut some more holes in the car, and chop up the bootlid. Sounds enthralling right?

Part 6
Part 6 of the E30 build series, in this part we talk to Craig about fabrication and some of the parts he has made for the E30. We also discuss the Anti Roll Bar and how we overcome some the issues we had.

Part 7
In this one we delve into the crashed E92M3 for parts and we fit the Mega Diff into the casing.

Part 8
It’s DONE! (Not quite), but it looks done! We talk you through some of the final days of work before the car was shown on the Alcon stand at Coventry MotoFest! Apologies; We know this one’s a bit “talky” We’ll do our best to get some action to you asap!

Part 9
Phil’s E30 is back round at Dyno Torque for another strip down in preparation for the parts of the wiring loom.

Part 10
Phils big day is here… After nearly 3 years the V8 E30M3 is finally started for the first time.

Part 11
This time the exhaust has been finished. Craig has wrapped the exhaust with new heat shielding and created the DTM styled exhaust tip that Phil wanted. Then we fire it up again and it sounds awesome!

Keep an eye for further updates, and if you haven’t already subscribe to our YouTube channel, check it out here: Subscribe to Driftworks YouTube


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