LMGT1 headers on my Murcielago – LP640 Project Pt4

I decided to invest in a set of Reiter Engineering LMGT1 Murcielago headers for my increasingly more out of control LP640. We also work out the ECU’s to run the new ITB setup, and maybe, just maybe turn that key!
Part one – The initial plan https://youtu.be/uNcGyoHAk88
Part two – The ITB conversion https://youtu.be/M6FL2z5yPV4
Part three – Converting Egear to manual https://youtu.be/5JeghT-DuM4
Part four – GT1 Headers and the 1st start! https://youtu.be/C8Kr-pO-tY0
Part five – The R-GT plan -https://youtu.be/mnOVVL6GTvo
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