Driftworks Does Festival of Speed 2022!

Driftworks was very lucky to be represented by Martin Richards and Tessa Whittock AGAIN this year at one of the worlds most important automotive festivals.

We couldn’t have asked for better representation!

Goodwood seems to have taken a shine to Drifting over the last few years between Speedweek, Members Meeting and the main Festival of Speed and its easy to understand why.

Drifting is more popular than ever, but there are fewer and fewer places to see it in a positive light. Nobody wants to see your one wheel peel around an indusso, you look nothing like MCR drifting in Tokyo from that one bit in Outsiders.

Seeing these well built, well presented cars on display will help get the message across that there are those out there who want drifting to look as good as it can.

200,000+ People visit the site in person over the 4 days it operates and on average 180,000 Watch the Livestreams around the world. so if you can image even 10% of those people getting to see Drifting in a positive light, it can only be a good thing for the sport. People are very doom and gloom about lacks of venues in the UK to go drifting, things like this are ways we can make it appear in a more positive light and hopefully bring more tracks back into the fold.

The fact that some of the best drifters in the UK/EU and infact the world can be pitted to the WRC heroes of the past and current generation, just down the path from 11x Mclaren F1’s in various GTR/LM trim on a Cartier Concours D’elegance ( Conkers the Elegant, to you and me. ) is pretty wild.

Thanks to Jordan Butters / Charlie Brenninkmeijer / Fraizer Dunleavy for the images

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