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Progress makes Perfect. BDC Teesside Round 1 2012

Progress is rarer and less significant than you normally hope for. When you hear that something is new, improved, or tweaked, it either means they have changed a tiny little thing, but called it the same name or they have changed the balance of something that worked and didn’t need fixing. The British Drift Championship […]


*OUTSIDERS WORLD PREMIER in full HD* Saturday 25th February, we’ve hired out an awesome private Cinema and Bar in the West Midlands and we would formally like to invite you to join us for the first and ONLY screening! Tickets are extremely limited, and you’ll get to see the film nearly a week in advance […]

New AwesomeFest 2011 Night Drift footage

New footage uploaded a few weeks ago I’ve only just seen…. show’s how mentally fast people went. We haven’t got details for the next AwesomeFest yet – venues are proving hard to find but check out the forum here for any info:

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Merry Christmas World!

A massive thanks to all our friends and customers all over the world who have visited, chatted, drifted, crashed, purchased, talked about, used, eaten, drunk and blogged about Driftworks and the wonderful world of Drifting this year! You’ve been amazing. Have a wicked Christmas, and a happy new year. P.S – Questions about Dan’s costume […]

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Outsiders: Japan – Trailer One

More than 20 years ago in the hills of Japan, the rules of driving began to be re-written. Over this time to the present, Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. From the streets in the cities to the Touge passes in the mountains to the dedicated drifting circuits, one thing never changes […]

MX5 Coilover fitting video (20 minute both Parts)

MX5 Coilover fitting video (20 minute both Parts)

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Awesomefest 2011

Stephen Brooks has worked his magic with his amazing film from Awesomefest 2011! Thanks to everyone who supported Awesomefest, and remember – Awesomefest 2012 tickets are on sale now and discounted for the 1st 1000 tickets!

Most see him rollin’, some be hatin’: The Rota GKR

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Most see him rollin’, some be hatin’: The Rota GKR

A very very fresh wheel which seems to have divided opinions are the Rota GKR alloy wheels which – we think – are possibly our favourite wheels in the entire range alongside the Grids and the GTR-Ds.  So far both Bon and Paz are running the green and white GKR’s on their S14’s, but when […]