V10 BMW E46 M3 Exhaust Valve – Sounds like an F1 Car

Driftworks owner Phil Morrison shows us the difference in volume & sound on his V10 Powered E46 M3 fitted with an exhaust control valve – From awesome to ridiculous! This car was built in 2011 as a daily driver and occasional track car by Phil from Driftworks with the fabrication expertise of Craig from Dynotorque […]

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JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 3 – Vertex Aero

This isn’t really a proper ‘build’ update. It’s just a few pictures taken in haste, as the Vertex kit just landed at Birmingham airport. I HAD to see what it looked like eh! I also found a pair of matching front wheels which came in from Japan recently which fit perfectly. The cars filthy, the […]

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JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 2 – Turbo & Exhaust Fabrication

So the original plan was a relatively simple and most importantly cheap turbo upgrade for my JZX110 Mark 2 project. I was thinking Holset, and a cut and shut manifold. Unfortunately then this turbo set up came to my attention being sold on the forum. It’s a Garrett GTX3076R on a 6Boost manifold with a […]

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Aardwark, the 350Z-powered Datsun rises again

Hello drifting world, long time no see. I hope some of you still remember Aardvark, my ’76 Datsun Z that is being turned into a Drift / TA / generic mayhem vehicle. More than a year has passed since my last update, but the project hasn’t just quietly died away. On the contrary: we’ve made […]

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