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Project DWS15: Off the Shelf Version.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a build blog but I’m told that there are still a handful of people left that have more than a 15 second attention span. So I thought I’d throw something together about our new simple recipe S15. First a quick catchup for the newuns: In 2001 I started […]

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Matt Field’s Radical S14

Matt Field has always had one of the most radical liveries in the Formula Drift field, needless to say, everyone was anticipating how his car would look for the 2013 season. I have to say, it certainly has lived up to his liveries of the past. This is my personal favorite livery he has ever […]

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Driftworks R32 – Release The Evil – F*ck You Butterflies!

The DWR32 has always had a bit of a hard time as our number two car, waiting patiently for it’s turn at having some real attention and care put into it. Now the DWS15 has gone, and our new AE86 Nascar build is months away from completion, that time is finally here, so here’s a […]

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ROUGH & READY – The Team Tekno 86 Track Car

A few months or so ago I headed to Ireland to catch up with Killian O’Brien and Kevin Reilly from Team Tekno. The two guys who pretty much live and breathe everything and anything to do with the Toyota Corolla AE86 and happen to own probably the coolest examples of the famous hatchback this side […]

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Super Sexy Silvia – Nikki Marsh’s Kouki S14

S14s come in many different styles and range from standard, tame cars, to outright insanely powered race cars. Nikki Marsh’s Kouki Silvia is a perfect combination of power and style, in my opinion it’s the perfect S Body. For the little time I’ve spent involved in Drifting I’ve realised that S-bodies are of course extremely […]

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General Custard – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7

I was sitting on the pavement, awaiting my pick up for my latest shoot. The pick up being an FC3S RX-7, but not just any FC3S RX-7 – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7… When I heard I was being moved by my work to Aberdeen I instantly knew I’d be out shooting some pictures of this […]

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An R32 With A Difference…

R32 Skylines have always been one of the cars on my “to own before I die” list. With a lot of rough and ready examples out there it can often be hard to find a good one to start off with. However Amjed Aslam’s freshly painted GTS-T is not a beaten up skidder, but a […]

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JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 1 – Welding and Bashment

My old JZX100 Chaser was one of my favourite Japanese road cars I’ve owned, and I’ve always had a bit of an itch to scratch since getting rid of it some years ago. JZX110’s were always a little out of my league pricewise as they look shit as standard in my opinion, and modified ones […]