BDC Round 2 Pembrey Review

So with almost 2 months off between Round 1 at Lydden Hill the BDC is back, this time venturing for the first time to Wales and to Pembrey, home of Welsh motorsport. Located in the south of the country just a few miles outside of Swansea, it was set to be an amazing weekend of […]

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Good Thrill Hunting

All around the world, the human race find ways of occupying their mind and getting their thrills. Some do it by jumping off stuff, some sit and read, some build things, some climb things and if you’re reading this I have a good idea what you like doing. As you see there is something different […]

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Best Motoring / Hot Version CANCELLED!?

Just heard from Adam Zillin at 7Tune that one of the most inspiring and brilliant bits of video to come out of Japans tuning scene – Hot Version and Best Motoring – responsible for so many of those amazing Touge Battle showdowns, and mixing up NSX’s, Porsche 911 GT3’s and M3’s around Tskuba – has […]

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