Where do I begin with the BDC?

Before i start, this wont be a blog detailing the full events of RD.1 There are plenty of those available online and i don’t see the need to add another to the pile. Before i moved to start working at Driftworks i assumed i would end up at a couple of rounds of the BDC […]

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The DW32 – The Refresh for 2018

It seems before any round of competitive motorsport there is always an ever expanding list of jobs to do with an ever decreasing amount of time to do them in. The Driftworks R32 is no exemption. Rich and myself were tasked with heading to see Martin Richards to get the new 2018 DW Livery on […]

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Where are the &*$king VLOGS?????

We’re back. Or we will be!.. Sorry for disappearing for a while, we’ve been mentally busy with the ever expanding animal that is Driftworks Ltd. Never fear though, we’ve still been messing about with dumb cars too, and as the year warms up a little, we’ll be providing you with the usual vehicular flavoured hijinks! […]

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Rich Grindrod talks 2017, Driftworks E36 Drift Car, Gaming & More.

Starkey ventures to Richard Grindrods workshop and chats to him about his 2017 Drift season in the final of our Team Driftworks season reviews. We also discuss his plans for next year and what he has been getting up to in the offseason including VR drifting on Assetto Corsa. Specs of Richards BMW E36 Drift […]

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