Driftworks S15 Rebuild Part 2 – Tubbing Arches

Phil’s still distracted with the Driftworks E30 M3 Track Project, and his new Promodet 964Turbo, so the lads get stuck into tubbing the front arches as phase one of making an even better Driftworks S15 practice car. DW S15 rebuild – Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/Bmt2Gb9Ag2M […]

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Driftworks Vlog – Ticked off at Teesside!!!

  The British Drift Championship RD.2 would be the first outing for¬†our newest driver Tessa¬†Whittock, Check out the video for her foul mouth in full effect after missing out on qualifying! Looking forward to the next round! If you check out the Livestream for the group Drives (46:56), you’ll see Tessa putting in some great […]

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Where are the &*$king VLOGS?????

We’re back. Or we will be!.. Sorry for disappearing for a while, we’ve been mentally busy with the ever expanding animal that is Driftworks Ltd. Never fear though, we’ve still been messing about with dumb cars too, and as the year warms up a little, we’ll be providing you with the usual vehicular flavoured hijinks! […]

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Explosive M3 GTR Drifting in Greece

It’s so hard to describe in words how amazing the Cartu Drifting M3 GTR is. Powered by a 700 horsepower 2JZ-GTE engine, and using a dogbox to send the power to the wheels, while using Antilag at the same time, this thing is a BEAST! And this run brought him 1st place in qualifying in […]

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