Phil Morrison DW Boss

POWER 430bhp


Gearbox 7spd DCT

WEIGHT 1280kg


Driftworks E30 M3 Track Car

The original concept for this build was to create a capable dedicated track car that would take over duties from Phil’s personal 997.2 Porsche GT3.

It’s taken nearly five years to complete the build due to many distractions and hurdles to overcome. But the car is every bit as fast as the GT3 it replaced and is extremely rewarding to drive.

As ever; it’s an ongoing project & Phil has an ever-present reserve of ideas to improve the car the moment we get some spare time.

Massive thanks to:
Craig – DynoTorque
Gaz – TJR Bodyworkx
Alcon, Nickson Motorsport, Syvecs, Howell Race Engineering, HTG, Nankang, Cartek, Lifeline, Redline Oils

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Year 1986

Speciality Track Day

Quick Stats

Phil Morrison's BMW E30 M3

DTM style track day M3 with high revving NA V8 and 7speed DCT gearbox.

  • Power 430 bhp
  • Lowness 70 %
  • Handling 90 %
  • Rareness 7 / 10
  • Cylinders 8

Highest Wins


  • S65 B40 4.0litre V8 8,500rpm
  • Custom Carbon airbox
  • shortened and baffled sump
  • ARP rod bolds and BE Bearings
  • E92 M3 radiator / fan shroud
  • 30 row oil cooler
  • Custom stainless exhaust
  • K&N Air filter


  • 7spd DCT
  • 30 row oil cooler & Seems Legit Garage oil pan
  • 210mm E28 Drexler LSD
  • Z3M drive shafts

Suspension / Steering

  • E36 M3 HSD MonoPro coilovers Open in shop
  • Custom raised rear beam with eccentric adjustment
  • Custom DTM aluminium front lower arms
  • Titan Engineering custom manual rack
  • Adjustable blade anti roll bars
  • Custom column with electronic PAS

Wheels / Tyres


  • Alcon 6pot 355 front brakes
  • Alcon 4pot 330mm rear brakes
  • Custom bells and brackets
  • Tilton bias brake pedal
  • Custom tune M3 CSL MK60 ABS


  • E30 M3 ex race car shell
  • Custom roll cage
  • Custom front turrets and reinforcement
  • Raised front and rear tubs
  • Rear seat delete and custom beam / diff mounts
  • Custom gearbox tunnel
  • Raised rear turrets


  • Custom carbon wide arch kit
  • Lexan side and rear windows


Electronics / Fueling

  • Howell Race Engineering Syvecs ECU
  • HTG DCT Gearbox controller
  • Custom loom and map for MK60 ABS
  • Aim MXG Dash
  • Cartek remote paddles and buttons
  • E92 M3 DCT shifter
  • ATL 80l tank twin pump pickup
  • Swirl pot with integrated fuel pump

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