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“Oh hell, it’s car insurance renewal time! Great, put the kettle on. Two hours on the phone explaining my high compression pistons, only to be finally told they can’t insure me due to the mods!”  Really! It doesn’t have to be that difficult!
As you can imagine, all of the Driftworks cars are modified in some way, most are highly modified. For example Phil’s pride and joy above, his GT1 inspired V12 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is about as modified as a car can be.  As you can imagine, trying to get something insured like this could be a major headache.
There are specialist insurers on the market who cater for modified cars so rather than waste your time filling out forms on internet price comparison sites only to be told ‘computer says no’ you might as well save yourself time and energy and go directly to the specialists. 
This car, as with most of the Driftworks cars that range from full Drift competition specification to hydraulic low riders, are all insured through SAFELY INSURED. Safely Insured are not only modified car insurance specialists but also many of the staff are car enthusiasts and will often be seen at car meets and events, so they tend to know what they are talking about.
We are happy to recommend Safely Insured to all of our UK (mainland) based Driftworks customers and Safely Insured offer a discount to Driftworks forum members and customers, so give them a shout!

Click this link to go to the Safely Insured Modified Car Insurance page, from where you can get details for obtaining a quotation. Hope this helps.

Safely Insured also now offer excellent rates on Performance Car Insurance

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5 years ago

Great insurance company! Have insured my R33GTR with all mods declared with them for years. Would recommend!

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