Progress makes Perfect. BDC Teesside Round 1 2012

Teesside British Drift Championship 2012

Progress is rarer and less significant than you normally hope for. When you hear that something is new, improved, or tweaked, it either means they have changed a tiny little thing, but called it the same name or they have changed the balance of something that worked and didn’t need fixing. The British Drift Championship […]

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Merry Christmas World!

Team Driftworks Christmas photo

A massive thanks to all our friends and customers all over the world who have visited, chatted, drifted, crashed, purchased, talked about, used, eaten, drunk and blogged about Driftworks and the wonderful world of Drifting this year! You’ve been amazing. Have a wicked Christmas, and a happy new year. P.S – Questions about Dan’s costume […]

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