Where do I begin with the BDC?

Before i start, this wont be a blog detailing the full events of RD.1 There are plenty of those available online and i don’t see the need to add another to the pile. Before i moved to start working at Driftworks i assumed i would end up at a couple of rounds of the BDC […]

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AMG S14 versus 2JZ E46

Rubbing is Racing!  Watch this quick battle from the King of Europe Drift Series between long time veteran Calin Ciortan, now driving a Nissan S14 powered by a 505 horsepower AMG engine, and Adam Frank of team CartuDrifting, driving the 2JZ, Antilagged, Dogbox fitted BMW E46 GTR. The battle gets pretty close in the first […]

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Drift Matsuri 2013

No really! Where has the year gone?… We’ve covered over 1,700 miles this year travelling to BDC events so it seemed fitting to end the season with another long drive to take part in the UK’s first Drift Matsuri event held at Anglesey Race track in Wales. We set off lunchtime on Saturday and made […]

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For years Australian drifter Stewy Bryant has been posting up videos of his progress with drifting. From backwards entries in his abused R32 Skyline, to stupidly fast wall rubs at Ebisu in a C33 Laurel, the man has been raising his skill level every year. Here’s an awesome collection of footage of his drifting adventures! […]

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Outsiders – 326 POWER

Another crisp winter morning in Japan started with finding myself entangled around a roll cage in the back of a PS13 Silvia; an awkward spot that I’d be in for the next few hours as we began our roadtrip from our hotel near Bihoku Circuit all the way across to Hiroshima to visit the legendary […]

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