General Custard – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7

I was sitting on the pavement, awaiting my pick up for my latest shoot. The pick up being an FC3S RX-7, but not just any FC3S RX-7 – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7… When I heard I was being moved by my work to Aberdeen I instantly knew I’d be out shooting some pictures of this […]

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Tsukuba Circuit – THE DOG FIGHT

This chaotic in-car footage makes Tsukuba Circuit look like silly amounts of fun to drift at, the speed and the sheer amount of cars on track is awesome. There’s some pretty sweet cars in this video too like the FOOL JZX100 Cresta, Atsushi Kuroi’s (RIP) old RB26 Toyo Tires Onevia, and the Sexyknights FD3S RX-7! […]

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Outsiders – An Introduction

Outsiders in the air

It’s a little daunting just sitting in a chair, staring blankly at over 4000 photographs of one of the most incredible experiences of your life. But then it’s even more daunting to have to select the best of those photographs, write words to describe that experience to thousands of people, and somehow do it justice. […]

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Drift Allstars Wembley x Hellaflush UK

Driftworks S15 at Drift Allstars Wembley

The Drift Allstars round at Wembley Stadium is a drift event that doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s without a doubt one of the most well known and famous drift events in the UK, and every year since 2009 the series has brought drifting to the hustle and bustle of London. […]

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How practice goes down, southern style

not afraid, missile

You guys probably haven’t seen me before, but I was at Driftworks Awesomefest 2011 with a camera in hand all weekend running around as keen as a kid on a pogo stick. Like many others I eat sleep and breathe drifting. My passion began in 2005 when I was 15, I saved and helped friends until I could afford my own FC […]

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