Outsiders Wallpapers – Bihoku Action!

So for the last bit of Bihoku action from Outsiders here we have a few desktop backgrounds to grace your computer with! Just click the links for the size you want. 1980 x 1080 – 1280 x 800 1980 x 1020 – 1280 x 800 1980 x 1080 – 1280 x 800 1980 x 1020 […]

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Outsiders – Bihoku Highland Circuit PT.2

Starting off where we left off in Part 1, we’d finally gotten our first taste of drifting at a Japanese circuit and we were loving it! The guys were starting to get a feel for the track and the fact we had it pretty much to ourselves meant the whole affair was very laid back. […]

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Stylish Drifting at Nikko Circuit

Nikko Circuit has been a long time favourite of mine to watch drifting on. Thanks to it’s dips and bumps it makes people come up with their own style and ways of drifting there. Here’s a cool video of some seriously cool cars laying down their runs! […]

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Outsiders Wallpaper – MIND CONTROL RACING

It’s been a while since there’s been an Outsiders wallpaper, so how about something dark and moody for your desktop courtesy of Mind Control. Go grab it in sizes 1980 X 1020 or 1280 X 720.   – Daniel Bridle Watch the Outsiders trailer here! Order your copy of the Outsiders DVD! Outsiders Facebook MEINOMAI Facebook […]

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Outsiders – Nagoya Street Life

If you’ve watched the Outsiders DVD already you’ll know we spent a good chunk of time in the city of Nagoya visiting garages like Kids Heart, MCR Factory, M.H.C Company, and checking out Japanese culture. Of all the cities we visted during our journey across Japan, Nagoya is the one that holds the best memories […]

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Outsiders – MCR Factory

MCR Factory, which stands for Mind Control Racing, is owned and run by Masashi Yokoi. Yokoi is one of the most up and coming drivers in Japan who has had much sucess in D1 Street Legal, MSC, and more recently, the Drift Muscle series. You only have to search Youtube or the videos on our […]

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