BMW Carbone Lorraine brake pads - RC5+ and RC6 compounds

BMW Carbone Lorraine brake pads - RC5+ and RC6 compounds


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We are please to offer the superb range of Carbon Lorraine brake pads in both RC5+ and RC6 compounds from stock here in our UK warehouse. We are able to supply the complete range of Carbon Lorraine compounds so if you would like more information please email us. You can consider RC5+ to be fast road/track use pads, and RC6 as hard core track pads but for more information on the RC5+ and RC6 compounds, please see below.

Please note that the price is for a front or rear axle and includes 4x pads (2 per corner). CL pads do not come with retaining spring clips, so if you wish to avoid pad rattle from cold, please purchase our anti-rattle shims.



Carbone Lorraine's RC5+ compound is their very latest design. Intended for track day cars that see road miles, this pad is very long lasting and has very high performance. On road tyres or even semi slicks you'd struggle to test the limits of this pad, yet it still works perfectly from cold and has stable performance across the temperature range.

Gentle to discs, low noise and low dust with high on-track performance. Can be combined with RC6 front or rear to alter brake balance if desired.

Carbone Lorraine's RC6 compound pad is the next step up from the RC5, it's a more powerful, focused pad which provides a more positive feel and more aggressive response. It really is the ultimate track day pad, providing incredible performance and excellent disc life due to no material transfer. The RC6 is a more noisy pad that gives off more dust, but it's still perfectly useable and provides excellent cold performance.

The RC6 provides top level performance with only a slight trade-off in noise and dust, for serious track day enthusiasts running semi-slicks this is *the* pad to have.

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I've been through a couple of sets of these pads on my E36 track car, for the money i'm very impressed. Once bedded in (important!) they provide a very positive and firm brake pedal feel and continue to do so throughout a considerable amount of time on tracks requiring heavy braking. Superb braking power, fairly easy on discs, not too dusty, give great braking confidence, excellent from cold. Other than the fact they are quite noisy (to be expected with any track pad) The only DOWNSIDE to these which I feel is quite a let down is they don't come with metal retaining clips to secure them inside the piston and as a result the pads rattle against the caliper. I have purchased some sticky back brake shims which solve/reduce the noise although they don't last long until they need replacing.

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