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Car Guides

Fitment Guides from Driftworks

Unsure about what size wheels will fit your car? We've done guides for some of the most frequently asked about cars and started with wheel fitments.

Standard - This means that the wheels will bolt straight to your car, with no arch rubbing or clearance problems. This is of course dependant on using the correct size tyre and ride height.

Modified - By this we mean an arch roll, no structural change to the shape of the arch, just removing the inner lip to give you more clearance for wider wheels, or larger tyres.

Extreme fit - To fit the widest of wheel and tyre combinations, you'll need to "flare" or "pull" the arches. This means making the bodywork wider by stretching the arches out. Bodykits are also covered in this section.

There's more to come. If there's a specific car you'd like to see featured, just let us know

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BMW E46 M3
Mitsubishi Evo V - IX
Nissan 200SX S14 Silvia
Nissan Skyline R32/33/34
Subaru Impreza
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