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Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX

Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX

First introduced back in 2001, Mitsubishi used the CT9A platform to create the Evo VII, VIII and IX. All models look the same but their design was radically different from their predecessors. This design change was mainly due to the FIA demanding that this model adhered to WRC rules for building a car instead of the Group A class rules. All the models that ran on the CT9A platform were again available with Mitsubishi's Active Yaw Control. A total of around 30,000 units were sold of the combined models worldwide.

Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX

Alloy Wheels for Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX

Changing your stock Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX alloy wheels will vastly improve the look of the car. Our huge range of wheels come in many different styles, colours and finishes from leading manufacturers Work, Rota, 3DSM plus many more.

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