Defi Advance Control Unit (DF07703)

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Defi Advance Control Unit (DF07703)

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From 4 monthly payments of £32.70 (based on £130.80 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
From 4 monthly payments of £32.70 (based on £130.80 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
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The Defi Advance Control Unit is essential for using Defi Advance BF gauges sold separately. All of the sensors (oil temperature, boost pressure, etc.) will be connected to the unit. Only one cable leaves the unit to safely power all the connected gauges. Installation is made easier, neater and more reliable, you can also quickly add extra gauges.

  • Necessary for ADVANCE gauges and displays
  • Link up to 7 gauges simultaneously
  • Switch unit attached (gauges can be controlled from distance)
  • Opening and closing modes can be selected from 2 variations.
  • Configure sound and visual warnings for each gauge.
  • Driving data can be recorded and replayed
  • White illumination
  • Indicator output


ADVANCE Control Unit Specfication:

  • 1. Switch unit(white)
  • 2. Speed & Tachometer signal wire(blue)
  • 3. Exhaust temp sensor wire(black)
  • 4. Water temp sensor wire(pink)
  • 5. Oil temp sensor wire(red)
  • 6. Fuel press sensor wire(red)
  • 7. Oil press sensor wire(white)
  • 8. Turbo/In-Mani sensor wire(light blue)
  • 9. Power source wire(beige)
  • 10. Meter wire(white)
  • 11. Meter wire(white)

Switch Unit Specification:

  • Power supply voltage - 10Vv to 16V DC (12V vehicle only)
  • Current consumption - Maximum during 7 gauges are connected (+B 2A (IGN ON), 5mA (IGN OFF) ILM 800mA

    Please note: *Products is for only on vehicles with a 12V electrical system. Never use products on 24V vehicles.

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