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Destroy or Die - Mazda MX5/Miata/Eunos Front Knuckle Kit

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Product Description

Handmade to perfection in the UK, these Destroy or Die front super knuckles fit all NA and NB MX5 models. Choose from optional extras such as wheel bearings, tie rods and tie rod ends.

The Destroy or Die front super knuckle kit offers huge steering angle with 40mm of roll centre correction that eliminates bump steer and gives incredible steering and suspension response.

Fits all NA and NB MX5 models

Product Features

  • 40mm of roll centre correction eliminating bump steer and giving excellent steering and suspension response.
  • Huge steering angle (up to 65 degrees when fitted in conjunction with rack spacers) - Even more angle and less ackerman than our modified knuckles. Several backwards entries pulled off with our test drivers.
  • While these are a direct bolt on part for a standard MX5/Miata, it is very likely you'll need our lower arms to allow room for the wheel to turn through its full range of motion.
  • Same weight as standard knuckles
  • Uses your standard ball joints, rod ends and bearings
  • No ABS mounting point
  • No dust plate mounting points
  • WARNING 1:Use only quality wheel bearings. Cheap bearings are cheap for a reason.

    WARNING 2:These will lower the car by 40mm IN ADDITION to the coilovers so make sure you have suitable engagement of coilover into lower cup.


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    About Destroy or Die

    Destroy or Die

    Destroy or Die are a UK-based company specialising in the development of affordable but highly effective drift-car suspension upgrades. Chances are if you know someone with an MX-5 or Nissan S-chassis they'll have their products fitted and it's easy to see why. Shipped worldwide, each one of their components is engineered in-house using high-strength steel so you can be confident no matter what you throw at them when pushing hard, they won't let you down.

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