Driftworks Race Quick Release Steering Spacer - Black

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Driftworks Race Quick Release Steering Spacer - Black

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For any kind of driving, whether it be on road, off road, track or drift, driving position is crucial. If you're not comfortable you're not in control. Add this spacer for additional security, an improved driving position and easier access when coming in or out of your car.

Product specification:

  • Multi-fitment for Momo/Sparco/HKB/Nardi hubs and steering wheels
  • Brings steering wheel 60mm closer for a more comfortable driving position especially for taller drivers and cars with bucket seats
  • Removable for added security and allows easy access in and out of the car
  • Multi-ball bearing locking mechanism gives no detectable play even with wear
  • Includes all necessary wiring to retain horn functionality

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15 Reviews

joanne lane

Richard Ling

Super simple install, had one before and never bothered with the horn button, this time I did and it was a super simple install. No play, increased security and super simple!

Richard Clothier-Smith

Nice quality and well made, very pleased.

Melvin Palmer

Great bit of kit. Easy to fit, sturdy. Only had one issue with the horn button not fitting until I called through and was told there is a metal shim that can be removed, giving more space for the horn button to fit. Quickly resolved when I called them for advice.


Excellent quality product at a very fair price. Smooth operation. Fitting is easy (no welding) however the documentation is in Japanese !


Very impressed with quality and durablility of this kit

George Tilling

It's the shiznit, ladies love it as you look like an actual racing driver... or Mr. Bean... anyway, great bit of kit!!!

Simon Williams

Superb quality and there really is no play in the joint. Great product and a great price.

Joe Terrell

I was getting a bit worried about my car security so I invested in this. The kit fitted within 10 minutes and its very secure and sturdy. The fact that it's a chunky spacer has also really helped my driving position.

Edin Bilal

Awesome! took me like 10 minutes to fit it. Works great!

Patrick Maass

Quality piece of kit. Very good build, and when you hook up the wheel, there's this a reassuring *SNAP* that lets you know that it won't let go. Absolutely no play between the two halves when connected and it even retains the horn function.

Jamie Crawford

What a quality piece of kit this is! Very easy to fit, looks the absolute knackers and improved the overall feel of the steering no end. i`m rather tall and the wheel was a bit too close to my legs for my liking but now i have fitted this baby there`s bags of room!

Richard Dalby-Smith

Very well made and comes with everthing. very easy to use release mechanism. perfect for when you want the steering wheel closer to you but have to be able to get out over the side bars of a cage.

Mat Clawley

Well made Quick release spacer, simple to use and does what it says on the can. ideal as a security measure, aswell as allowing those with larger sausage like legs to get in and out of bucket seats with ease.

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