Driftworks Geomaster Lock Kit

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£129.98 £108.32

Driftworks Geomaster Lock Kit

    Product Description

    The Ultimate Geomaster lock kit includes,

    Geomaster 3 Front: Improvements in steering lock, drop and kinematics over the already fantastic Geomaster 2.

    Provisions for ABS sensors & we've tested to the absolute limits of what is achievable while retaining a front anti roll bar. 
    Setting One Specifics: This is intended for Street Style Drift & Track / Grip use. It has minor revisions over the extremely popular Geomaster 2 knuckles: Namely:
    7% quicker steering, a slightly reduction in ackermann, 13mm improvement in roll centre correction, and 6mm increase in scrub radius.
    Setting Two Specifics: This is intended for Extreme Drift Use: It has extensive changes over Geomaster 2 kinematics, Namely: 18% quicker steering, fully optimised ackermann angle to acheive the best possible steering angle and feel while retaining the an anti roll bar option. 25mm increase in scrub radius.

    Geomaster Tension Rods - These arms allow for a wide range of caster adjustment – increasing and decreasing caster can alter turn-in aggression, mid-corner feel and ease of control

    Geomaster Tie Rods The Driftworks Geomaster tie rods use a spherical bearing and full stainless steel construction. They are 24.5cm long and come with a 6mm inbuilt rack spacer.

    Optional Extras

    Driftworks Front Lower Control Arms - These arms allow you change your front track width while adding roll center adjustment, very useful when increasing steering lock. These will also give you a tighter steering feel, much improved over sloppy OEM arms.

    Offset Rack SpacersDramatically reduces your steering going over-centre on full lock by relocating your tie rods on your Nissan

    Steering Rack Boot kitExtra long boot kit to be used with our Geomaster offset rack spacers, or as a stock replacement. Ideal for extra lock setups.




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    Developed and designed in partnership with Wisefab, the Driftworks Geomaster is all about crazy steering angles and fantastic control when drifting. Driftworks are proud to be part of a small group of friends that first established drifting in the UK and Europe back in 2004. Our journey from first gear donuts to competing and winning international drifting competitions has been one of the most difficult, rewarding, but most of all fun things we’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Now we share our wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with the parts and setup advice to build an amazing road car, show toy, or competition-winning weapon.

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