Driftworks Hydraulic Handbrake with Wilwood Master Cylinder - Classic 300mm

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Product Description

The Driftworks Hydraulic Handbrake offers a powerful, reliable handbrake solution.

High quality design and utilising a robust, reliable 0.625 Wilwood cylinder.

30cm handle length from pivot to end of the handle, longer 'knuckle duster' handle upgrades are available here on our store!

If you're fed up with an inconsistent and weak standard handbrake, this is the solution. Easy to fit, especially with our braided lines (available seperately) and can be used vertically or horizontally.

*With regards to master cylinder line fitment, input line goes into the rear port, output line into the front port.

High quality hydraulic handbrake unit, unlike many other handbrakes ours uses a top quality Wilwood master cylinder.

Can be used or use in both the normal position or in the upright position.
Swapping between normal and upright is a simple case of removing a couple of circlips and flipping the lever over.

Drifting requires extensive use of the handbrake, which can show weaknesses in standard cable type handbrakes, this uses intercepts the hydraulic line to the rear brakes and requires alot less force to completely lock both rear calipers when needed..

Unlike many other hydraulic handbrake units available, this one has an integrated locking mechanism so you can still park the car. It must not be relied upon when left for long periods or on a slope, but it is handy for warming up the car or cooling it down after a run.

Can be purchased individually or complete with our braided lines (availalable seperately) for ease of fitting. The braided lines run from the master cylinder to the handbrake, then from the handbrake to the rear T-Peice.


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