Driftworks Magnetic Sump Plug - Nissan/Toyota

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Driftworks Magnetic Sump Plug - Nissan/Toyota

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Extremely Powerful Magnetic sump plug for Nissans and Toyota's

You will be suprised just how much debri this magnet pics up out of your engine.

Monitor your engine's health with a Driftworks Magnetic Sump Plug!



A very very powerful magnetic sump plug available in M12 x 1.25.
This will pick up any excess metal particles in the oil, preventing them from causing further engine wear. We tested the strength of these by hanging a Camber arm off them, weighing 1200grams!!

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4 Reviews

Damien Fox

Awesome piece of kit!

Andy Brown

Great little mod, added piece of mind for you to check when you change your oil, and yes the magnet is stupidly strong, pulled my fridge across the kitchen when i took it out the box! Fantastic service Driftworks, pleasure!

Wayne Morris

ha ha what a powerful magnet this is. Ain't fitted yet but lets just say....don't put it up to your phone unless you want to destroy it. ( Made mine trip out then later my phone screen went all white and I can't use it now ) you've been warned :)

Mike Chapman

this mod is the nuts! i make sure i add it to my spec sheet and everyone points it out ans says they want one but cant get!!

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