Driftworks SR20DET Tubular Manifold
3mm T304 Stainless Steel

Driftworks SR20DET Tubular Manifold
3mm T304 Stainless Steel


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  • SR20DET low-mount (stock position) tubular manifold. Will work with stock T28, 2871, 3071 etc...

  • Made from 3mm thick T304 stainless, with stainless steel CNC flanges for perfect mating surfaces.

  • Tig welded, with finished ports.

  • Individually braced runners - we recommend a flexi-downpipe and braced exhaust system for complete durability.

  • Manifold to turbo studs are included - we recommend new gaskets and locking nuts with an install, available here.

We're confident that this is the best manifold available on the market without spending near £1000. The thick walls increase strength and the CNC flanges give accurate mating surfaces - eliminating the problems that cheaper generic manifolds suffer from. We're not aware of another manifold in the same price range that offers this.

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