Driftworks SuperFly 350Z VQ35DE Lightweight Chromoly flywheel

Driftworks SuperFly 350Z VQ35DE Lightweight Chromoly flywheel

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Driftworks 350Z/Z33 VQ35DE Lightweight Chromoly flywheel!

This new Driftworks SuperFly lightweight flywheel weighs in at 6.3kg, significantly lighter than the stock flywheel! Also a replacement for common dual mass flywheel failures.

Made from chromoly and manufactured to the highest standards, will take all the punishment you can throw at it. Finished in a durable heat treated black coating with impressive quality finishing. As testement to the top quality machining work, you will see only a tiny amount of metal was removed to fully balance these flywheels.

Comes complete with dowel pins to locate the clutch cover plate.

*Please note, these will NOT fit the later HR engines (311 hp model).

These flywheels will not work with Exedy 350Z Z33 clutches.

Please note: fitting this flywheel will result in some additional noise from the gearbox. This is completely normal and is to be expected when replacing a dual mass flywheel with a lightweight single mass item.

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