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Where Are Rota Wheels Made?

Rota Wheels was first established in 1976 as a joint venture between Italian company FPS and Filipino entrepreneur Romero Rojas, who at the time was importing and exporting automotive gear and accessories like aftermarket wheels into the Philippines. Rota wheels are manufactured in the Philippines and are considered one of Asia’s first aftermarket wheel designers and manufacturers with a reputation for producing high-quality wheels at an affordable price. If you're into modifying and tuning your ride, chances are you've heard of them.

Cool Rota Wheel Designs

Rota offers a wide range of wheel designs that cater to different tastes and preferences. They offer a huge range of sizes, colours, and finishes, from their No.1 bestselling Grid wheel, to modern concave designs like the Torque, and even rugged-looking wheels like the Titan. Some of Rota's other popular wheel designs include the Slipstream, a classic five-spoke design, and the GKR, a high-performance wheel often used on sports cars.

Lightweight Rota Wheels

Rota wheels are produced by conventional gravity casting or benefit from the recent Flow Forged process for stronger, lighter and more durable parts while remaining affordable. Lightweight wheels can make a big difference in your car's performance. By reducing unsprung weight, your suspension can react faster to changes in the road, and by reducing rotational mass, your engine doesn't have to work as hard to turn the wheels, resulting in better acceleration and fuel economy.

Are Rota Wheels Strong?

Every wheel Rota manufactures undergoes rigorous testing to make sure they meet JWL and VIA standards, whereas true knockoffs like the multitude of clone wheels manufactured in countries like China are not and may genuinely be potentially unsafe to drive on. The JWL mark certifies that the wheel has been tested for radial fatigue, cornering fatigue, and impact resistance.