Evans 5 Litre Prep

Evans 5 Litre Prep


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We all know that our drift cars have some of the most abused engines in any form of motorsport. Keeping them cool is essential!
Evans have created a non water based coolant, that will not only keep your engine cooler, but more importantly doesn't boil until over 180°C. So it actually means that you can run the engine at hotter temperatures without it boiling over, which can improve efficiency and power.
As used in our 600bhp Driftworks AE86 with rear radiator mounting. Evans brings an extra element of safety in these complicated cooling setups, as it wont boil over and spray hot stuff all over you if a component fails. Evans is used in a vast amount of cars in professional drifting.Benefits Over Water-Based Coolants

Eliminates Overheating

Evans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point above 180°C and will not vapourise, thus eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil.

Reduces Pressure

Evans Waterless Coolants generate very low vapour pressures reducing strain on engine cooling system components.

Prevents Corrosion

Evans Waterless Coolants contain no oxygen effectively eliminating corrosion.

Increases BHP

Evans Waterless Coolants eliminate pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating - thus improving combustion efficiency and delivering more power.

Stops Erosion

Evans Waterless Coolants prevent cavitation and eliminate liner and cooling pump erosion.

Freeze Protection

Evans Waterless Coolants freeze below -40ºC


Evans Waterless Coolants are proven to be Non-Toxic. Standard anti-freeze is toxic and known to kill pets.

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