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Mazda MX5 Wheel Guide

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Mazda MX5 Wheel Guide

Wheel Fitment Guide for Mazda Mx-5 Mk1 & Mk2

Factory Wheel Specs:
PCD: 4x100
Diameter: 15"
Width: 5.5-6"
Offset: ET45

If you need help understanding the above information, have a read of the Driftworks Wheel Bible.

If you're looking for aftermarket alloy wheels for a Mk1 or Mk2 Mx-5, you really are spoilt for choice depending on the overall style you want to achieve.

While you're free to choose pretty much any diameter and width that you want, there are a number of tried and tested wheel sizes that will give your roadster the road presence it deserves without affecting the chuckable handling characteristics that they became famous for.

Driftworks have a huge array of wheels available in-store including designs from the likes of WORK Wheels, JR, Rota and Cosmis. You can check them all out here.

Recommended Wheel Sizes

Bolt-on Fitment - these wheel sizes are for those who simply wish to fit a set of aftermarket wheels to their Mx-5 without modifying any of their bodywork. 15x7 or 16x7 wheels will bolt straight on (so long as you're not using massively oversized tyres), with ET20 being the optimum offset to achieve a "flush" fitment. Higher offsets between ET30 and ET40 will provide a more factory look.

Recommended Bolt-on Fitment Sizes:
15x7 ET40
15x7 ET30
15x7 ET20
15x7 ET10
15x8 ET20 (for extensively lowered cars with natural camber gain)
16x7 ET40
16x7 ET45

15x7 ET10 Rota Grid Vs:

Mx5 Rota Grid V 15x7 ET10

Modified Fitment (Arches Will Need Rolling) - these wheel sizes are for those who are willing to roll and/or pull their wheel arches, or fit bolt-on extended arches. Combined with a stretched tyre and a small dose of negative camber you'll have a seriously strong looking Mx-5 with minimal effort.

Recommended Modified Fitment Sizes:
15x8 ET20 (minimal arch rolling required)
15x8 ET5
15x8 ET0
15x9 ET10 (large amount of arch rolling required)
15x9 ET0 (even more arch rolling and stretched tyres required)
16x8 ET10 (arch rolling and stretched tyres required)

15x8 ET5 WORK Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwamis:

Mx5 15x8 ET5 WORK Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami

15x8 ET0 Rota Grid Vs:

Mx5 15x8 ET0 Rota Grid V

16x8 ET10 Rota Grid Drifts:

Mx5 Rota Grid Drift 16x8 ET10

Extreme Fitment - you can go as wide as 9 or even 10J on your Mx-5 should you be willing to modify the bodywork with extended arches, overfenders or a large amount of metalwork. For example, the latest Rocket Bunny bodykit for Mk1 & Mk2 Mx-5s will happily take 15x9 ET-25 on the front and 15x10 ET-38 - the only limitation is your imagination!

Suggested Extreme Fitment Sizes:
15x9 ET-10
15x10 ET0
15x10 ET!?!?

WORK Meister S1 2-piece 15x9 -25/15x10-38 with Rocket Bunny arches

Mx5 Rocket Bunny WORK Meister S1 2-Piece

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