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Subaru Impreza wheel fitting guide

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Subaru Impreza wheel fitting guide

Subaru Impreza

  • PCD : 5x100 or 5x114
  • DIAMETER : 16" This is the height of the wheel
  • WIDTH (J) : 6.5" to 7"
  • OFFSET (ET) : 53-55

Wheel Fitment Guide for the Subaru Impreza

When you’re looking for aftermarket alloy wheels, it is common to change the sizes from the original factory wheels. There are a variety of diameters, widths and offsets that will fit, but you must get a wheel that matches the original PCD of either 5x100 (all GC8, all WRX GDB and -05’ GDB STI), or 5x114 (05’+ GDB STI)

We would recommend 18” diameter with GDB, as this will look great, allow for big brake clearance and let you fit the most suitable tyre sizes for increases in power. 17” is reserved for GC8 and super low GDBs.

How wide and which ET you go for depends on the look you’re after, what tyres you want to fit and whether you just want a simple straightforward bolt-on fit, or you’re prepared to put some work into adapting the suspension and bodywork to suit.

We can supply wheels in a big variety of sizes, from exact replacements for your originals, up to huge, wide and deep dish drift style wheels. Here’s some examples of different sizes and styles of Rota wheels fitted to Imprezas to give you an idea of the look and range of what’s available.

You can find direct links to the Rota wheels to fit the Subara Impreza at the bottom of this page. If you’re still not sure of what you need, just give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

Bolt-on fitment
Standard Bolt-on fitment

17x7.5 ET45/48, 18x8.5 ET44/48

Any of the above wheel sizes will go straight onto your Impreza without the need for any changes. A great choice if you just want to upgrade to a nicer looking, lightweight wheel.

Recommended sizes

GC8: Boost/GRA/Torque/ 17x7.5 ET48, Force 18x8.5 ET48 GDB: Boost/GRA/Torque/Grid 17x7.5 ET45/48, Force/Gravel/Grid 18x8.5 ET44/48


GC8 17x7.5 GRA et48 gdb wagon 18x8.5 et44 grid 225.40

Arches need rolling
Modified Arches need rolling

17x9 ET35, 18x9 ET35, 18x9.5 ET35/38

The most common of fitments for the GDB Impreza, is 18x9.5J width all round. This will give you the “drift” wheels in models such as Grid, Torque etc (concave spokes) - making for a great looking, aggressive fitment. You’ll require an arch roll front and rear. For the least hassle we recommend a 235/40 tyre and a couple degrees negative camber.
Front brake caliper clearance is the only other issue. If you have the bulky OEM Brembo brakes, you will need a 6mm slip on spacer with 18x9.5 Grid. Any aftermarket brakes (AP/Ksport/D2 etc) don’t need a spacer.

Recommended sizes

Fighter/GTR/Torque 17x9 ET35, Fighter/Force 18x9 ET35, Fighter/Torque/Grid/MXR/T2R 18x9.5 ET35/38


gdb 18x9 et35 245/35 rear roll only gdb 18x9.5 et38 MXR 245/35

Extreme Fit
Arch & suspension changes
Extreme Fit Arch & suspension changes

9.5J ET30 and lower, all 10J (GDB), 9.5J+ (GC8)

With ETs lower than 35 with a 9.5J wheel, and for 10J wheels you’ll require substantial arch work (flaring/pulling) or wider bodywork (fenders/arches). Mainly reserved for track cars, the wider wheels enable you to use really wide tyres to get maximum grip.
We can also help with wheel fitment for custom arches/bodykits and supply any wheel spacers needed.

Recommended sizes

18x10 ET15 Grid, 18x10 ET12 GTR-D, 18x10 ET12 MXR, 18x9.5 ET12 torque


gc8 18x10 et30 265 gdb 18x10 RT5 265.35

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