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Feb 20, 2019
    1. Mike@TDSW
      Tax til end of July, mot til 3rd August, 103,350 miles
      Not done the sill yet, planning to when I have 2 weeks holiday which starts next week. The guy only quoted £65 to do it so it's not horrendous.

      Best to text/call me on 07878 439738 if you want to know anything else as I don't get notifications from DW anymore.
    2. SmokedKobra
      Hey interested in the mx-5
      Product designer and film maker myself!
      Pm me at

      My stuff
    3. j13-lek
      Best to measure the distance between holes on stock seat and drill steel to that, this will mean that the stock runners will be the same size as if they were on the standard seat meaning in theory will line up again with the car. The seat should then fit in. If you are using standard seat belts space the runners off centre towards the door (remember not much room in there) to allow room for the buckle!


      Sorry message was to long to put into 1, this is obv the 2nd half!
    4. j13-lek
      Hey, well these seats came with peugeot or citreon frames and universal rails. I just cut them up so I could bolt the rails off the standard seats in.

      Best way is if you dont have rails with your seats (suppose it would work with ant rail ment for a mx5) is to un-bolt the the rails from standard seats and use these on your bucket seats this will garentee that it will fit your car and saves heaps of dickin about trying to make somethin work. To fit these to your buckets I used to strips of steel (3" wide and 3mm thick) these go across the seat, from centre console to the door, front and back on seat. I used the bolts that came out of sandard runners to bolt the steel to chair. You want to drill the steel to suit holes in seat and then bolt to the seat, then drill the steel to suit the runners/frame then bolt the runners on,
    5. livin4skidin
      Hey buddy, we use a local guy called Paul, hes based in Carmarthen, whys that, know any one who may be cheaper? 07794510893, give me a call, cheers gav
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