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May 25, 2005
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Apr 5, 2016
    1. dingdong
      Hi is the soarer still for sale?
      Hey Albin,

      Mag ik je vragen waar je die wide fenders voor je e30 hebt gekocht?
      Wil ze zelf ook graag op mijn e30.

      Gr. Ralph
    3. campo
      Hello there sir. I ljoined this forum specifically to ask you a queatin about your awesome e30. I'm from the United states and I have built an LS1 e30 and I'm running really wide wheels and I love you fender flares. If you don't mind telling me. Did you modify some factory flares from another vehicle, or did you make a mold and make them from scratch? Once again, very nice build and any info would be greatly appreciated
    4. Shakotan sir
      Shakotan sir
      Hey albin. Your e30 is the only e30 ive ever seen that looks anything close to what im trying to acheive...the reason for this message besides letting you know that its awesome is that Id like to know if you made those flares yourself or if you bought them somewhere..ive been just thinking of buying extra wide zg flares but yours look nicer. If you care enough you should let me know.

      P.S. sorry for writing basically the same message as that other guy haha...
    5. Nicolaj
      Hii albin, i have writed to you on photobucket, about thoose wide fender flares on youre brown 335i btw is very cool youre car :) i realy like those fenders and i would hope you could help me finding a pair or if you know where to buy them....

      i also got an bmw e30, where im building a m30b35 in, and i also use my car for drift...

      if you can help me with those wide fenders i would be realy happy :) please send me an email :

      i admire youre work, its totaly cool..

      Best regards Nicolaj aka DRFT-NCK :D

      ps: sorry for my bad english, im danish :)
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