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JDM Car Export, 64, from Tokyo, Japan

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Jun 27, 2019
    1. Gusto
      hello, thank you for the tip, but the problem is that the ads on this page I can not distinguish what is specific to the car engine, for example, chaser 3.0 - I do not know whether it's N / A or turbo engine. Soarer since 1995 is marked 3.0, but also do not know what it's engine ...
    2. Autospecs
      Gusto take alook at the supra and soarers listed here Japanese used cars - Used Japanese car imports direct from Japanese auctions there is always a few that maybe suitable for you to get the engine out of.
    3. Gusto
      Hi, for our new racing car based on BMW E46 looking for a suitable engine 1JZ or 2JZ or frontcut with this engine or the whole car (soarer, supra, or something else). Ideal with manual transmission, but not a requirement. Everything But the powertrain is likely to be breaking up, so the car may be nice, just need a good complete engine for swap to BMW body. If you could provide something, give me an offer. Thanks, Gusto.
    4. 1jz
      ohh ok cool, i was kinda confused, thanks
    5. Autospecs
      1jz yes so if you paid a deposit of 150,000yen and the car you bought only cost 150,000yen then there would be no more to pay on the car cost would there!
    6. 1jz
      wait?? so whats the 150000 deposit for?? thats included in the sale??
    7. Autospecs
      1jz you have PM
    8. 1jz
      thanks man, now please correct me if im wrong but it showed a couple 2001 toyota chasers bien sold for around 150,000 yen, now wen i did a curency converter on that it told me it was only 1800 usd, is that right?? just seems really cheap.
    9. Autospecs
      Welcome to the forum Tyler prices depend on year spec mileage etc but you can take a look at recent sales price data here Japanese Used Cars Auction Online to help get an idea and ocean freight will be around ¥160,000 to Long Beach.
    10. 1jz
      Hi, new to the forum but have a couple questions for ya, im after a decent 180sx or silvia stock or slightly modded, was wondering if you could give me an idea on how much that you be shipped to the states,

      Thanks, Tyler
    11. Autospecs
      dan you can use the calculators here to establish the landed costs Untitled Document and FOB means free on board which basically means all costs paid upto and including it loaded onto a ship.
    12. Autospecs
      Lofet they run from around 300,000yen fob on up, ocean freight will be around 100,000yen ontop of this to Gothenburg
    13. trd dan
      trd dan
      cheers dude gives me a rough idea what cost are normally on top of wining auction price to have it landed in the uk ? and whats FOB mean lol ?

    14. LoFET
      Hi. i´m after a manual JZX90 or soarer whith 1jz-gte and drift spec, what kind of price range are they and what would it cost to ship one to gothenburg ? best regards Fredrik.
    15. Autospecs
      Dan anywhere from around 350,000yen fob on up, you can review the recent sales price data here Japanese Used Cars Auction Online to get an idea.
    16. trd dan
      trd dan
      hi there , new user here , what sort of money would a mkiv supra n/a manual go for roughly standard or slightly modded preferably in white had a go at the site but cant really work my way round lol

      cheers dan
    17. Autospecs
      a2pen I have sent you a PM
    18. a2pen
      I have sent deposit 2 day, very interested in HNN25 silvia s15 type r in pearl can you tell me when it might go through? budget is 550,000-600,000yen don't know if it will sell for that?
    19. Autospecs
      geggen, it would be possible if you know someone in the UK who can handle that for you, or maybe contect Rob from kleerfreight I think they can manage that for a fee.
    20. geggen
      Hey, is it possible to buy a car and get it registered in the UK, and then fly over and import it myself to Sweden? The reason is that it will be cheaper and easier for me to register it in Sweden.
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    Nov 8, 1956 (Age: 64)
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    JDM Car Exporter - CEO Autospecs Ltd (Japaneseused
    Petrol Head been in Japan since about 1993 - JDM Car Exporter.

    Motorsport, Rugby, Partying in Tokyo.


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