Bean Bandit
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Dec 20, 2016 at 9:16 AM
Jun 3, 2005
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Bean Bandit

Swiss quality, 39, from Khartoum/Sudan - Switzerland

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Dec 20, 2016
    1. Bean Bandit
      Bean Bandit
      SR20DET straightcam pictures by banditbean - Photobucket
      pictures of the disassembled engine all labeld and packed up :)

      just need to find a sensible priced machine shop now to do the hone and decking
    2. Bean Bandit
      Bean Bandit
      if you have replaced a turbo and cams on your own before you can do that too ;) just have someone experienced at hand for the fidly stuff like getting the shims right for the cams etc... the rest is nuts and bolts as always - just more expensive when you fuck up :wack:
    3. yogi bear
      yogi bear
      i was giving it 'charlie' and it then returned the love by giving me low oil pressure.
      so i put another engine in as a stop gap, and that one is fucked. low compression, burning oil and all sorts.

      so im thinking apex stroker kit, just very unsure of building the engine myself
    4. Bean Bandit
      Bean Bandit
      I'm off to the garage now - will come back with pics of the progress ;) read you later :wave:

      PS: what happend to your engine?
    5. Bean Bandit
      Bean Bandit
      I was assisting head of business key accounting in an electronic sales company but as I'm revealed my plans to leave the company at the end of the year the kicked me early :(
      anyway I'm preping cars for track and drift together with a friend for the last 6 years or so... I do the fiddly stuff and he does the brute force things :)

      my only problem is I need a shop to do the cleaning and machining as I lack the tools to deck and acid dip the engine etc...
    6. yogi bear
      yogi bear
      good luck with it all matey, i need a new engine now:cry:.

      very much considering the 2.2l stroker kits from apex perfomance... only £1250:eek:

      what do you do for a living? how come you are building your engine? i was going to pay someone to do it
    7. Bean Bandit
      Bean Bandit
      completly stript now and in progress - have been freed from work earlier than aticipated so looking for another shop at the moment to do the machining as the one local is to expensive now... but just put down an order for some stuff I need :)
      next is measuring all the bits and bobs...crank looks fine although the bearing show some wear, strangley on the outerside (bearing-cap)...
    8. yogi bear
      yogi bear
      how is you engine bulid going dude?
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    Dec 12, 1981 (Age: 39)
    Khartoum/Sudan - Switzerland
    Globetrotter AE86