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Mar 2, 2015 at 12:15 PM
Apr 13, 2012
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Member, from St Austell (cornwall)

Bustedbikez was last seen:
Mar 2, 2015
    1. Danwhyman
      Ok sweet thanks mate
    2. Danwhyman
      Can you please let me no mate
    3. Danwhyman
      Any word mate
    4. Danwhyman
      Hey mate what happening with the overfenders thanks dan
    5. Danwhyman
      Just about to put the money in mate have you still got them?
    6. Danwhyman
      I will have the overfenders mate I will give you 135 posted
    7. Danwhyman
      Hey mate do you still have the ash tray and fag lighter bit if so how much and how much for the overfenders thanks dan
    8. Mighty_Mini
      i swear ive been in your garage! do you have a yamaha tt600? if so, i fitted your sky :P
    9. carl 22
      carl 22
      i just go playin anywhere thats quiet really round abouts on way to work sumtimes il pop up st eval if its bit damp ( mx lacks power in the dry. lol)
      sorry ive been ages to reply i did t notice i had a message as havnt bin on here for a while.
      so if u got a breakers at parkway u mite know will frost.
      hes got a unit on the level just down from
      the womens house.
      2nd or 3rd from the end.
      he got loadsa mxs and an e30 with a 2.8 m52 lump.
      my numbers 07972873903 gimme a ring or txt at sum point if u wana go for bit of roundabout playin in early hrs 1 day.
    10. carl 22
      carl 22
      alrite mate i see your from
      round st austell way and was wondering who you are?
      im the 1 with the black mx wit the white roof.
      just about to change up to an e36 323 but got to wait a min as my insurance company dont like the idea atm so need to cancel my policy an start a new 1 1st.
      anyway i keep seeing your cars about but duno who you are.
    11. NsM
      Delete your messages
    12. s13slg
      Seen your add mate what sort of deal yougot inmind?
      cheers Jim
    13. jamesgold
      would love this car mate, if i had already sold my show car i would have it off ya
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