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Sep 6, 2019 at 11:45 PM
Jun 15, 2005
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Raging Alcoholic, 48, from Leicester/Operation table

chunk was last seen:
Sep 6, 2019
    1. dan200s14
      Hi buddy I'm after a internal gearstick for a r154 gearbox if u know of one please
    2. marc_eg
      Hello dude, tried pm'ing you back but your inbox is full.

      Can you let me know when you empty it and ill reply :)
    3. greenbug22
      hey didnt get chance to call work n all lol can i ring in the morning? the ecu light is saying code 12 and that is afm??? im new to rb's do you know if anything else can cause that fault code? cheers stuart and how much are your afm's
    4. greenbug22
      hey mitch from drift garage sugested that you mite have an afm for an rb20(green label)
    5. 95_s14
      hello mate do you still have the s14a bumper and splitter let me know cheers
    6. razzledrift
      alrite mate iv pm'd you but i dont kno if ur in box is full or havnt got time to reply, is it poss if you can let me kno about the tomie ecu if your still intressted in it and if you been able to find some r32 gtr wings, cheers russ
    7. samburton4
      im in march m8 . give me a txt when ur u no what day ur comin down 07756103262
    8. samburton4
      hello m u still want these bmw steels . not a problem if not
    9. samburton4
      il contact u this week . the fella thats after the s13 rack lives in my town . so if u could kill 2 birds wit 1 stone and bring it when u come get the wheels . that would be sweet .

      im sure iv met u . i came in ur work shop with eddy (ghost rider) before . ur work shop is just out side the gates of pod m8
    10. samburton4
      hello m8 iv still got them 4 15" steel bmw wheels with tyres £20 if they take ur fancy
    11. sidewaysmatty
      get back to me quick about them contours bud, look at your thread cheers -matt :D
    12. magicmat
      hi fella,

      your inbox is full

      Wrote my car off at Mallory on thursday S13 :( my own fault, ran out of talent.

      But i've been told that you may have a shell for sale?


    13. tail_happy_200
    14. C1arke
      would you sell ur 300sx BMC? pm me pls
    15. ross-111
      heyy sont spose u have a ps13 ecu kicking about ?
    16. Shorty
      Hi mate,

      You're all inbox'ed out.. I'm in desperate need of a Greddy Profec B specII or something similar if you don't have one of those.. DoriDave. suggested you might be the guy to help out :)

      Can you maybe Pm me back, need it for this weekend if poss :/

      Rob :)
    17. cr33ch
      Hey buddy,

      Your PM box is full :(

      Im in bristol and dont see myself heading for POD anytime soon how much could you do them posted for?

      Cheers bud:thumbs:
    18. 4NDY SX
      4NDY SX
      so is 50 squids ok for the headlight mate? i will give you a big cuddle too :thumbs:

      your pm box is full!!
    19. gaz_moose
      colin cant paint my car till the weekend.could you pick me up from my house tuesday evening after dropping george off, that way i can drive straight home after the pod on wednesday.other wise im going to be fairly fucked for getting my fiesta before thursday.

      cheeky fucker i know.
    20. mcgldrck2
      chunk got a message to send ya but your storage if full...thanks heath
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    Apr 23, 1974 (Age: 48)
    Leicester/Operation table
    Fixeruper of drift automobiles
    RB27DET, R32 4dr Booyeeh!
    Crashing bikes, breaking bones

    Drifting, Drinking, Sleeping!