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Member, from portsmouth

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Jul 28, 2019
    1. driftdave
      ive got the receipt for the installation of the megasquirt and mapping no i dont have receipt for the coilovers i bought them new in the box and un used but secondhand if that makes sense! The actual turbo build wasnt done by any one place in particular so there is no receipt for it the custom stuff like i said was all done by a friend so dont get any receipts for that but i can assure you its no cheap bodged together build if can run 250 with no issues and be driven daily then it must be okay! none of the parts are cheap chinese copies or anything like that!
    2. Ikeaaxel
      Is there any paperwork for any of the build? and also receipts for the coilovers as they arent very old. obviously the car itself looks a bit sad so would need some work to get that sorted but want some assurance of the parts which i would be paying for if you see what i mean :)
    3. driftdave
      hello, ive owned it for 4 months! its been turbo since january 2014 and was only used as a weekend fun car i bought it from a friend who did the turbo swap and he did one drift day in it the whole time he owned it. cant imagine its done more than 2000-4000 miles since being done. i think he used a mixture if different parts i know the exhaust manifold downpipe intercooler and coolant pipes are all a custom job. the HSD coilovers are dualtechs.

      if you would like to know more email me at : dpickett769college@gmail.com


    4. Ikeaaxel
      Hi there,

      Seen your add about your turbo mx5

      How long have you owned the car?

      Did you put together the turbo kit yourself? Was it built with new parts? How many miles has it covered since turbo?

      Has it seen much track or drift time?

      Also which of the hsd coilovers does it have?

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