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Jun 25, 2015 at 6:40 PM
May 15, 2010
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Active Member, from The dirty south..!!

GTS GAV was last seen:
Jun 25, 2015
    1. 00ironst
      Hi buddh fancy selling your e36?
    2. Jammygit
      Hi, Been trying to message you but inbox is full. Do you still have your Bride seats available ?

      Cheers, James
    3. Jdm All Star
      Jdm All Star
      Hi could you clear your inbox please I cant pm you.

    4. GTS GAV
      GTS GAV
      Ibox is cleared now bud
    5. zimm_zimmer
      Hi mate can you clear your inbox up so we can discuss the paint please?
    6. GTS GAV
      GTS GAV
      hey bud i only just seen this msg didnt you get my email? i have had soo many call outs i havnt had time to fly up to you yet, what day/time do you leave for awesomefest i wilkl be up to gss to collect it before you leave sorry bout this dude
    7. angrydan
      ur a hard man to get hold off haha any news on ur ass poppin in? need tyre gone man!! cheers dan
    8. GTS GAV
      GTS GAV
      what a fuind bud bet your chuffed!! yeah i no what you mean still tho evewn after forking out for them you would have still saved over a grand lol
    9. - Fezcock -
      - Fezcock -
      Thats pretty epic lol! It looks like it needs an adaptor plate to fit onto the eccentric shaft, as well as a push conversion or something? :confused:
    10. GTS GAV
      GTS GAV
      hey bud well apears you have the mack daddy of the giken clutches, the clutch refrence for yours is, TS2C, hope this helps man
    11. - Fezcock -
      - Fezcock -
      Hi Gav - the clutch ive got appears to be a 214mm case? Two plates, as far as I can see no part numbers or stamps? need some help to identify it and where I can get the bits to fit the fucking thing :wack:
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    The dirty south..!!
    Toyota MR2 GTS (Tic Tac)


    My car goes quicker than a crack heads gyro.....!