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Oct 6, 2011 at 1:18 PM
Nov 3, 2004
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EDC審査員, 40, from Mildenhall, Suffolk

hashiriya was last seen:
Oct 6, 2011
    1. mint
      We have the same birthday :)
    2. royal
      Hi Maz,
      I still have the gearbox. It was a little whiney but no problems, I bought it second hand after blowing one and ran it for a few months before the engine went. I paid £200 for it so looking to get that back.

      I also have a posh single plate clutch (think its an extreme one? need to check) that will take 600 plus bhp. My car was running 550 and didn't slip at all. The stuff is at my old unit near Milton Keynes at the moment. I'm not sure when I'll be picking it up but hopefully in the next few weeks if I can make space at the new place.

      My cars off the road at the moment so not sure what events I'll be doing. Might do JDM at silverstone, there's a demo at Lydden Hill the week after (bhp show) and I've organised a drift track day on the full track at Lydden Hill on the 26th which should be awesome. Hopefully see you sometime soon?

      07738 808136
    3. MrNick
      Hi Maz

      your welcome to come and judge for the king of the ring tonight if you want ..

      call me or text me if you accept

      07506 677567

      regaqrds Niko
    4. Nick Sheen
      Nick Sheen
      Hi Maz,

      Are you at work at the moment. I sent an email to what i assume is your email address at HKS.

      m.yumeda@hkseurope.com is that correct?

      Email was about cams and stuff. I haven't heard back. Basically i feel neglected.
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    Aug 24, 1981 (Age: 40)
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    Mildenhall, Suffolk


    Excuse me if I sound controversial... I have an inability to lie and a strong intolerance to idiots.