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Aug 12, 2008
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Active Member, from Cheshire

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May 20, 2014
    1. Dubownerbilco
      Can you please either reply to my private message, thread, email or answer phone messages. This is one extremely pissed off customer so far! I know you have been online so stop being so bloody ignorant
    2. littlev
      Hi got a question for you (sorry only joined cuz I had a question) and I saw you had posted about anglesy could u email me please (sorry its about a suprise for someone and don't wanna post too much on here)
      If you don't mind :) email is
    3. speedemon-2008
      Hi i sent you payment for the drift day at anglesy a few weeks back was just wondering if you had recived it.

      My email address is
    4. naths13
      hi mate you get my mail with the wheel pics??
    5. Kyrrie
      Hey John
      Just wandering whether you needed help with any marshalling this weekend at Donny, Robbie, Matt and I will help do this??

      Cheers, Kyrrie x
    6. Kyrrie
      Hey John
      Just wandering whether you needed help with any marshalling this weekend at Donny, Robbie, Matt and I will help do this??

      Cheers, Kyrrie x
    7. greenbug22
      hey up fella wot size are your maxxis tyres on the front of 14? are they maz1 and wot ya pay for them??
    8. southwestdrift
      Hi mate I'm really intreasted in bringing the g35 up to buxs and yon now if Paul chi sire was there with me twinning for the win would be ace :-) umm on the fuel side how much is the 117 Ron? Look forward to your relpy thanks mark
    9. greenbug22
      hey John i feel i owe you a big big apology for saturday evenings discusion and then disapearing towards the end of the passenger rides, only to find out that your car broken down. I got a little frustrated that i couldnt get any help with rebuilding my car so that i could get some track time sunday as it was cut short saturday. Had an ace weekend even better than the last one, were u thinking of running friday evening and saturday or just saturday at the next one? see you soon big stu
    10. greenbug22
      ok cheers see you on the day then ill fetch plenty of tools lol is screamer ok shouldnt need to rev it that high so shoudnt really be noisy at all!!!!
    11. greenbug22
      hey john want to come oulton on the 10th but as usual im skint with the house n that can we do some sort of deal where i help on the day and its cheaper. cheeky stu :)
    12. Dkmatt
      aah cool. ok might pop down to buxton on saturday :)
    13. Dirrt
      Oh my what a sexy signature you have there :D haha :smash:
    14. Dkmatt
      aah cool fair enough. im going to pop down to buxton to come watch sometime see how far away it is so when i get my car ill know how long it will take me to drive down. i wonder i elvington has drifting
    15. Dkmatt
      yo why did you tell me to sort my life out?
    16. greenbug22
      hey up dude, u going buxton sat nite? am i ok using a window webbing/netting so that i can have my window open a bit coz i cnt drive with it shut, need to hear everything thats going on if ya know wot i mean!!! got seat fitted today and it makes an unbelievable difference see ya at weekend
    17. riddler
      Hi John, what is the location of this car park you were on about? And what's the space limit like? Could we run one say the same day as one of your 'drift days'?? Any more info would be great just so I can pass it on to banzai and see how they want to go about it. We have the meeting down south in may, got crail (June-ish) I'm also trying to arrange a midlands based meet....
    18. rayman-
      Hi john,

      I am planning on attending on sunday,please can you pencil me in as i need to pay on the door.
      Also how much is the full price as i haventnoticed it on the post?
      Thanks Rayman.
    19. MrNick
    20. MrNick
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