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Aug 30, 2006
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ChickFoot FTW!, 34, from Essex

lozza was last seen:
Aug 27, 2020
    1. Clive.
      Hey, I've been on the forum for quite a while, I still can't seem to post in the for sale section or PM people.
      Its never been a problem before but now I've seen some wheels I'm interested in.
      Any help would be great!
    2. lozza
      No problem, will sort one tomorrow
    3. ross-111
      heyy would it be possible for u to send me a photo of the diff ? i have a ps13 and need to know if it will fit. thanks.

    4. Sam H
      Sam H
      Buys in bulk. Only if said items are 10", and powered by 2 AA duracells.
    5. steveyn1
      sorry i knew i'd do that, ryt have a: f20 gearbox for sale, 2.0 8v engine for sale.(have some loom with it and ecu, but if ur doing convertion best to get donor car this is only ideal as replacement as it not complete convertion kit) , finally um in few weeks selling my car but not cheap tbh lol! owes me loads just thought i'd say incase u know anyone who intrested in one sorry to confuse u
    6. steveyn1
      alryt mate, the cheapist swap is the 2.0 8v.. best to run a f16 box them.. i loved that in my car.. but them mate gave me a redtop which was easy swap.. they come with a f20 box.. but i kept my f16 on the for faster acceration hence the f20 for sale and the 2.0 8v lying around i do have 90 the 2.8v loom and most the bits but not all of them as i used them on the redtop.. one the easyest conversions u can do.. um i remem the redtop u have to change the gear linkage .. my car reg as 1.4 but i mot'd it in august and it been sat since no tax as i not working cant afford it :( i did head gasket cambelt waterpump valve stem seal re lapped valves new drilled and grooved discs and pads on front new wishbones anti roll bar links replacemen shocks.. new track rod ends.. rear disc convertion underseal.. gsi kit .. gsi interior .. and currnetly preped to be matt black again. :).. but be selling it soon only done 200 miles since rebuild if u know anyone mate. sorry bout goin on and my spelling :D
    7. lozza
      Yes, still got them. I am in Essex.
    8. rymi
      hi about those wheels u still got them? also wer in the country are you? im near middlesbrough
    9. lozza
      Hiya, Yes TRD mounts for AE86. They're new, fitted but unused.
      Yes, i could ship to France. Post and Package is extra.
    10. BOOMEX
      Hi . the TRD engin mount are fore AE86? Are they used?

      Would you ship to France?

    11. lozza
      Sweet, i've let him know to give you a call x
    12. the stig
      the stig
      i can beat that,full spec welded in :)
      sid shoould have my number!!
    13. lozza
      hiya!! oh nice :) im skinto until next year but i'll tell sid about the cage, he's considering selling it as Fabricage gave him a price of 1300 for a cage! lol PM me you're number and i'll get him to give you a call :) x
    14. the stig
      the stig
      hay hay honey.
      we now have a dark purple for flocking in stock :)
      and i can do a weld in cage for sid for good money ;)
    15. Jaymo_sx
      That any good to you then Dude?
    16. lozza
      Not had an s12 in almost 2 years, got a s14 now.
    17. bigbarney1989
      Hi there do u still have the silvia
    18. Ricky Emery
      Ricky Emery
      Just noticed your going to santa pod tomorrow. Im going just to spectate in my S13 meeting some mates in Hatfield then driving down with them but i live in upminster essex. Fancy driving down together who else you going with? Give me a text let me know. 07921125207 cheers ricky.
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