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Jun 22, 2008
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Active Member, from Hertfordshire

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Dec 11, 2015
    1. the stig
      the stig
      fella i get tyres from is trying to contact you re some 1to1 drift tuition,wants to hire car too.
      he a good lad mane of mike
    2. Roachey
      hi malx cant wait for the weekend, we are coming with a 2.5ltr BMW for steven to do his licence with. Now if he passes this car will be sold. Do you guys want it cheapish for a drift car down there? It helps us as if we try to sell it on the day we can only deliver north of norfolk:) He has a Toyota Soarer to build for next year to compete in so this car has to go either way.
    3. kaysie
      hi im intrested in compiting in the odc 2012 will it be ok for me coz im from malta not from uk
      and can you please email me the details on this email

    4. EL-drifto
      id be interested in the weekday event as im new to track drifting and am trying to teach my gf to drift so she would be interested in the ladies day aswell?
    5. payney
      Thanks so much mate i will pop down fridaynight if the gates are still open.
    6. MALX
      i am there friday night, i have a few out already will bring one, if not we are breaking the camo one
    7. payney
      Hello malx Would you sell an insterment cluster from one of your e30s at the back of the arena as need one for norfolk arena on saturday i live in lynn so can get it anytime. Thanks
    8. payney
      Hello Mate ive just got a bmw e30 323i for drift days at lynn what would you suggest i do to the car before taking it out. Thanks
    9. MALX
      cheers, this weekend is a bdc event, we just help run it, thank you though
    10. payney
      Hello if you need any help setting up the track during the week or need a hand at the weekend just pm me iam only 5 min away from track.
    11. MALX
      the camo paint 1 is for spares and the yellow 1 i use as a back up, i will ask around and see if there are any at chunks for you.
    12. payney
      Hello mate i spoke to you yesterday about what would be the best car to start out in and you said about the e30 bmw. Would you be interested in selling any of the e30s at the back of the track i dont mind if they need some work. Thanks for all your help
    13. Kay San
      Kay San
      whens the next practice day dude
    14. the stig
      the stig
      did you get payment for engine ok mate??
    15. lewis1990
      yoo man i would like go on the 19th of feb first time do i need a helmet and i havent a licence anymore is that a problem and can i bring a trailered car
    16. the stig
      the stig
      give me a call when you can please malc :)
    17. MW99
      Hi mate want to register for 2011 ODC membership, can you link me to the pay pal thingy?

      Matt Willsher - MW99
      106 Gordon road
      GU15 2JE
    18. the stig
      the stig
      oi gaylord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      use them buttons on ya phone :)
    19. Timma001
      hello ther I would like to book myself and a friend 2 cars :) memb number 777
    20. MALX
      shut down for a bit, BDC and ODC as well as norfolk and mallory, and still feel shit is email
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