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May 12, 2021 at 10:57 AM
Jul 26, 2004
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In moderation, from South Wales

Mitch was last seen:
May 12, 2021 at 10:57 AM
    1. freerider
      Hi mate, whats the spec on the sr20 conversion for the ps13 youve got for sale? And have you still got the front grill/rear spoiler it was imported with by any chance?
      Nearly bought this the first time round off nathan but you beat me to it!
    2. Mashead
      Alright mate, chunk said you may be a man to ask about standard ps13 bonnets and/or headlights?
    3. BHPSeeker
      Hey Buddy,

      Spoke to you ages ago when i first joined but never went any further, I have started building my RB25DET with a friend and knocking about on here noticed you are having a bit of a clear out!
      Where abouts in Debry are ya and is there any chance I can come and have a poke around and pick your brains for a bit?

      Can/Will supply beer tokens!!
    4. sx-swifty
      Do you still have your power fc forsale?
    5. Goolash786
      Hi mate Intrested in the car can you give me your telephone number so I can give you a call thanks

    6. stef hillwood
      stef hillwood
      Hi, i was talking to this guy who was serving in Afghanistan a little while ago and was just now sorting out my portaloo form Travis perkins ( before going back to college ) i mentioned i was about to sell my Subaru Forester T/TB 1997 plate, it is black with chrome trims, he mentioned you buy and sell and that i would find you on hoping this is the right forum and you are the right if so can you help...
    7. Auzyda0
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    8. Hudders
      Nice wheels mate. Is the ET not stamped on the inside, on the hub?

    9. the stig
      the stig
      hyd clutch thread in drift car builds fella!!!!!
      may ere wish to move that1.

      hope you and family are well
    10. the stig
      the stig
      thank you fella!

      hi to all the family
    11. Mitch
      No idea mate. I'll have a mooch
    12. the stig
      the stig
      hi fella.
      any reason why i cant post in jdm section??
    13. DoriDave
    14. Mitch
    15. steven
      Hi Mitch
      Sorry to bother you but i would like to start a for sale thread to sell my parts off my bmw e36 328 drift car but it will not let me?
      Please can you let me know what i need to do. Thanks, Steven
    16. tail_happy_200
      hi mate its craig. hope your not falling over too much lol.

      you mentioned you wanted a t28 turbo, a nice one.

      well hux has asked me to sell that hks one, its not a gtrs but still bb and is not too bad.

      it does have a crack in the normal exhaust housing but i`ve never had any issues with that. its where the wastegate sits.

      anyway, i was going to ebay it and anything over 200 i keep.

      thought i`d see if you were interrested first though.

      you could have it for 200 sheets and owe me a favour.

      no idea what lol

      just let me know cos its free listing this weekend and i`ll list it on sunday

      cheers, craig
    17. webberchoked
      hi id like to sell a car, can i have my account activated?
    18. jayjafri
      hi mitch have a car for sale just need to edit the title to say more pics added please. Current title is E39 M5 lookalike
    19. mohawk14
      Hi Mitch, just for the record i didnt start this thread to offend anyone. im not a malicious person in any way. i dont want to be booted off here either. i have decided on different boot decal now which is more appropriate. sorry forthe trouble caused.

    20. toydave
      hi mitch, need my account activating, what do i need to do if anything ?
      looking to sell some bits. thanks bud
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