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Jul 26, 2004
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In moderation, from South Wales

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Dec 20, 2020
    1. Eddie1one1
      Hi mate just wondering if the bodykit is still for sale? cheers
    2. jamiejay
      hi i have this soarer 2.5tt manual in white on a l reg loads of extras can you give me any pointers on selling this as i know nothing about them its in my possension now as i was owed money of the matey so i part ex him on a focus many thanks the name is jamie 07855286324
    3. Bigmann
      Hi mate, am unable to ask questions or start a thread about anything on the forum, the only way I can get through is via a pm can you plz help
    4. g-money28
      hi mitch done a really stupid thing and put ana extra letter in my user name how can i take it out thanks
    5. driftnuts
      thanks MITCH
    6. driftnuts
      hi MITCH sorry for bother u but could u help me with my dw account ,i cant see my inbox ,is there anything i could do to help it get back to normal thanks MITCH
    7. Whittyboi
      alright buddy, what sorta conditions the bonnet and the bootlid in? cheers duuude
    8. squiffy
      ok mate thanks for the reply, i have a h-dev chip so need nismos
    9. squiffy
      hi mate, i know its a long shot but do you still have the nismo 555's for sale?? or know anybody that does?
    10. tilttuuut
      there is a nice cefiro for sale here in belguim , take a look for the pic's here Nissan Cefiro drift machine, Auto's, Henegouwen | Kapaza

      i didn't want to post the pic's of that car in your thread as its not mine and don't know the owner ...

    11. Ricky_Mitchell
      i i cum and collect the s13 kit on saturday are you still in derby pm me your details
    12. Cyrus
      hey my bro just recently joined the forum. He's called DCyrus. or something lol. he made the account a few weeks ago and activated it but it wont let him post as it says he need to activate it or something. could you help please?
    13. melo yelo
      melo yelo
      urite mate a friend of mine cald rutter suggested that i ask yo for a few bits and pieces so was wondering if you could help firstly i need a driver side wing mirror and a front nose grill for a s14a touring w reg and secondly a full leccy fan setup so it can be wired to the thermo stat and possibly a switch aswell. thanks dude hit me up son as poss thanx man
    14. eastley
      Hi Mitch,
      The thread you replied to posted by dunnfords is for me, i have managed to blow my sr20de, what parts do u need? which parts would you be willing to part with?
      Thanks Ryan
    15. d16_boosted
    16. lewishough
      Cheers mate and i really want a 200sx s13 but i am only 18. So the insurance is high for one with a turbo, The cheapest quote i got was £3500. Is there a 200sx s13 that come without a turbo as standard?

      Also DriftGarage modify cars and do a very good job by the looks off things!
      And also by the sound of things!

      Is it expencive to have a 200sx s13 baught and done up at your garage? Or is it depending on what you have done really or is it hourly pay,

      Many kind regards lewis
    17. lewishough
      Yo man sorry to hear about the 180sx man loved that car! Was wondering how much it would cost for a 1JZ GTE engine fitted into a 200sx s13 plus the engine many thanks lewis
    18. h20490
    19. Monkey Magic
      Monkey Magic
      Edit - whoops supposed to be a PM :rolleyes: :D
    20. driftin1
      Hi, Mitch I've been told by the members on this site that you are the guy to go to if you want a diff welded up. I was wondering if you could tell me what you charge to do this, It is a sierra XR4I. Many thanks andy
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