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Mar 31, 2010
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Member, from Honiton, Devon

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Jan 16, 2020
    1. ashs
      is the car still up for sale?
    2. Daniel Nagy
      Daniel Nagy
      Hello Richard,
      Your ae86 style is one of my favorite. Could you tell me what kind of bumpers, skirts are they?

      As I see you have original fenders on the front and the end. Am I right?

      Please write detailed,

      Thanks For your help.
    3. paddy stanced
      paddy stanced
      im in birmingham mate vi moved over here what you skiddin in now
    4. richardc-s
      I'm not in Ireland, in England lol. I sold the car a few months ago to a chap in Ireland though. It's go no uprated suspension parts other than the coilies, and it's running 195/45s on the rear. Or were they 195/40s?? I can't remember now lol
    5. paddy stanced
      paddy stanced
      what you running now want a decent coil over that goes as low as yours also are you running any uprated tie rods or stuff like that and what tire size u using for stretch on the back read a horror story about mints mx and the cops doing him for stretch seen as im from ireland i dnt want hassle off them over here may be i could meet up with ya an get ideas sum time would that sound like sumit you would do itd be appreciated man
    6. richardc-s
      Cheers, mine was on rokkor coilies aswell! But they needed to get butchered to go that low! Lol had no bumpstops, cut springs and modded top mounts. I'm not gona lie... It was a horrid ride!
    7. paddy stanced
      paddy stanced
      good man just after buyin a 5 an seen the pics of yours in wheel fitment was wondering what coilovers you are using and would i get similar results with rokkor coilovers whats it like to hold road
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