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Nov 14, 2005
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S1- F.T break!

royal was last seen:
Aug 2, 2017
    1. davisyo
      Hey dude, do you still have the style 32's? Would you listen to offers?

    2. royal
      Hi Mate,
      I'm going to try and work from home tomorrow, if so then I'll take some better pictures. It's was a last minute decision to sell last night after our boiler died so was already dark when I took it out to test.
      Basically though it's near immaculate in terms of how it looks other than some damage to the front splitter where I put it in the gravel at mallory last year (only drift day it's done). Inside is also excellent condition grey leather with just a few grubby hand marks where I've pulled it out to fit the coilovers last year. These would most likely wash out with a soapy cloth. It doesn't look like a drift car at all.
      The only reason its so cheap is the possible issues with the engine and other bits that I describe in the post. If you're able to sort these its a potential bargain as I've just priced it on the value of the gearbox, interior,etc.
      You're welcome to come and test it in any way you want.

      pm'd my number to you.
    3. Wackojacko.
      Hello fella, very interested in your 535i you have for sale. I'm in denham so Croxley green is just up the road.
      Please can you email me some
      More pictures of the car in general ?
      EDIT : work email down -

      That would be greatly appreciated. Would a viewing be possible this week ?

      Many thanks

    4. michellewestby
      hey you ! how are ya !?
    5. Ed
      Clear your PM inbox please Dave
    6. BDC wana be
      BDC wana be
      dave my singstar buddy how is it goin man
    7. hashiriya
      Thanks for the info Dave.

      How much of a whine is it?

      My box has the clutch release bearing noise when off the clutch pedal (i'm guessing input shaft bearing or similar) and has this strange clicking noise when in 1st, 2nd and reverse gears. I'm pretty sure it's not the diff though as it doesn't seem to do it in 3rd, 4th or 5th.

      I'd like to try and eliminate all my problems at once if possible.

      As for the clutch, it's an interesting propersition, but I can get one through work too which is probably easier for sourcing replacement parts etc in the future. It all depends on how much you are afer for it i guess.

      If you have any other bits and pieces kicking around for FD, let me know and I might be interested. I recently bought an old 94 model which needs a few bits doing but I like her so far.

      if you don't have my number, it's 07980 844739. give me a shout anytime for whatever you may need.
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